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Hello and thank you for visiting.  Set amidst beautiful green scenery, Hotel Rural Casona de Cefontes is the ideal place to relax and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in any season.

Adjoining the Botanic Gardens and surrounded by three gold courses, our hotel is two kilometres from the town of Gijón, close to a local university, theUniversidad Laboral.   

Our traditional ‘mariñana’ house is equipped with all amenities, assuring our visitors a place to unwind, recharge and enjoy their stay all year round.

With large balconies and windows and draped in glorious bougainvillea almost all year round, the south-facing main façade enjoys most of the sunshine.  The abundance of the  Asturias coastal climate also shows in the orange and lemon trees on the hotel’s southern side.


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Telefono 985338129
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Camin de la Carbayera Nº564
Cefontes Gijón 
   Asturias    España
Norte  43º 30` 41``
Oeste 5º 37` 41´´